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nezemnaya lubovOnce upon a time there was born a little bright star in the sky. Do you know how usually stars come into the world? It is absolutely doesn’t matter who were their parents. Simply when a new star arises it flares up immediately. From the very origination starts are absolutely independent. They are born with all the skills which are necessary for stars’ life. There is no need for them to attend stars’ kindergarten to learn how to gleam  and doesn’t exist any special stars’ school that teaches how to keep in the sky.

Probably our little star was not lucky. She was originated in particular part of the sky without any other stars near. She had nobody to discuss her stars’ affairs, nobody to sing and dance with in a stars’ ring and under stars’ rain.  She was a little bit confused when she  heard her mother’s voice. Because all mom’s always talk to their kids even when their kids are stars.

“Hello, my dear daughter!  This is so wonderful that you were born as a star! I hoped so much that you would follow in my footsteps!”

Little star started looking about. The voice was definitely from the Earth. But to follow in her mother’s footsteps meant to become the same the mom wasn’t  quarter as a star…

“Don’t be surprised, – her mother continued.  –  I was born a star either. But who needs stars in our time? There is exists  too much.  One should choose some worldly and useful profession.  Without doubts we, stars,  can’t be engaged in something  insignificant, we are high-souled by birth. For example me I became a golden ring.  Beautiful, aristocratic work. And you, my daughter, come down here. I will teach you how to be a ring and we’ll dwell sweet life together. “

But Little star didn’t’ want to come down from the sky by no means. She felt so good and jolly swinging in the wind, playing with the raylets and singing her jingly stars’ songs. Most of all she liked daytime. She liked to warm under the sunbeams and keep watching over people’s life. It was so easy to do during daytime because people couldn’t see her at all. And Little star could peek them without any hesitating.

But her mom kept on insisting. On the one hand she was flattered that her daughter climbed so high. With great pleasure she talked to her friends from jewelry store about her starry child. But on the other hand she was worried about Little star. How was she, so lonely and far away surrounded by all this numerous stars? She was so small and helpless. Who on earth could see her light here? Here was another thing that her mother was concerned of : what if  Little star becomes very proud and stop shining to her? She kept on calling and calling her daughter come down to the Earth. She produced new reasons  and continued persuading Little star saying that she was too small, her light was tiny and she would never reach the top of this giant horizon which was full of white dwarf-stars and  yellow giants.

As time passed the Little star started being doubtful about herself.  It started seeming that she didn’t’ hold on well enough the sky and she could fall down any moment, her light was absolutely insignificant and out of need. She started being envious of all these golden rings adorn women fingers. They had been admiring and demonstrating  to each other. Their brilliance warmed the cockle’s of people hearts.    And one day she took decision.  It appeared to be very easy to stop hold on the sky. She slided down to the ground vanished behind store’s counter.

It’s very difficult for a star to stop being a star. That’s why our heroine turned into not a simple wedding ring but into a sophisticated seal ring with thin beams and engraving in sophisticated  oriental language. She was sold very fast to a young man to become a present to the girl he loved. Our little ring was very happy. It consider itself as love messenger and was glistening with joy so brightly as had never done it in the sky.

Very soon the girl broke up with the young man and fell out of love the little ring. It stayed in jewel-box for a long time. Some time after it was given to a little girl who lost it very soon.  The Little ring was wallowing tramped into mud and mourning her ruined life. But everything ends sooner or later. On the way back home one man noticed something shining weary staring at his feet. He picked up the ring , carried it to a store, got some money and  bought  toys for his kids. The Little  ring lifted In spirits. It had given joy again. But there it’s luckiness was over. It was laying on the counter for a time and nobody wanted to buy it. It was too much unusual and deterring because of its exotic engraving.  Her ring-mates tried to convince it do not differentiate itself from others and life becomes easier and nicer.  And in the end they did it. At first our little ring turned into a plane wedding ring. One finger changed another one, the ring got faded, darken. Series of weddings and divorces put years on it and mould it into brutal (hobnailed)  signet that usually is being warned by stout men in crimson jackets and women with rough skin and  old manicure.

One day, lying  on a night table under the window, the ring looked out into the street and saw a piece of alight sky. Her soul started moaning feeling unquenched desire to shine. Of course, it completely realized that its star destiny forgot about it a long time ago and if once you had fallen down from the sky you couldn’t come back there again.  But at that moment it caught sight of a  lantern. The ring started talking to the lantern with its dim, tuneless voice.

“Hey, lantern! Can you tell me is it difficult to shine?”

“Oh, yes! Our work is very responsible! People can’t do without us. If one day we stop shining total darkness will mantle the earth. We are the only source of light in the world!”- started boasting a stupid lantern.

But our little ring was ready to believe in everything. It didn’t’ want to think of the sky and stars life anymore.  The only thing it wanted to do was to shine. At any way, at any cost…. That’s how the little ring turned into a lantern.

Let’s put it baldly, it was the most ineffectual lantern on the avenue or maybe in all the city. Every time it forgot to connect to electricity, was afraid of birds and faded with wind blasts. The lantern was awfully stressed. It desperately wanted to be the brightest, the most joyful lantern in the world but it was completely unable to do this job. It started shining worse and  less often and one sad evening it didn’t switch on at all.  It was standing among  all that shining lanterns and looked like a simple pole. The lantern was looking at them with sadness and disgrace in its eyes but hardly could do a thing.  It didn’t want to be a lantern anymore but it could do nothing else.

Sometimes the lantern timidly lifted up its head into the sky, looked at faraway stars, and rain drops were falling down its non-shining lamp.

One day it happened so that  it heard a voice.

“ Hey, star! What are you doing there? You seem have nothing to do but only stand as a stupid pole in front of the street!”

The lantern didn’t get immediately that the voice from above was talking to him. But the voice repeated its call again and again till the moment when the lantern responded.

“ You probably wrong, I am not a star. I am simply a looser-lantern. ”

“What a nonsense! I am never wrong! And I am able enough to tell real star for an extinguished lantern. Stop pretending! Come up here! Your place is in the sky. I guess I remember you, little star from the segment U-347982. And you had that unusual pearl light and one of your beams was shooting ahead all the time, it resembled number one finger of this funny people.”

Little star diffidently came off the pole, stretching its beams up, and at that moment something pulled her into the sky. She took wings and found herself very comfortably in the airy hammock.  As if she had never left that cozy place.  To shine was so easy and joyful, moonlight was so dear and tender that the little star thought that probably she finally woke up after a long nightmare.

Now there was living another star not so far away from her. It was bright, beautiful with a silver scarf of a gas cloud around its head.  They made very good friends. New star—friend supported our unassured little star, telling her everlasting stories from stars life.

“Every star, -said she, – has its own job. There is no even one unnecessary among us. Many travelers had lost their way  when you were hanging about there in the earth because only you could lighten their way.”

Step by step the little star was learning to believe in her light  understanding her skyey destination.

And then terrestrial astrologists discovered a new star. It was very unusual. Its light was pearl and tender and the star had very odd peculiarity. One of its beams was always a little longer than all the others from all the points of the sky and it was pointing at milky way – the road for the souls that rising to the Channel of Universal Love.

One enamored astrologist offered to call it the Consolation Star. And nobody made any objections.

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