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Posted by admin on April 24, 2014

appetite(1)What a life! I absolutely have no time for myself. Everything is on the run: way to work is on the run(not in my nature to wait for a bus), way back home is on the run, then shopping, after take one child from kindergarten, take another child to training. In the evening I go to a dance school. Yes, time is running out, but I don’t want to quit dancing, I’ve been engaged in dancing starting from my childhood, that’s my biggest joy. I met my husband at dance school. At first he refused to be my partner, because I’m fat. And then he was begging on his knees… to marry him, because I had already had another partner for dancing. All is on the run, I have no time for myself at all! And it’s high time to lose weight! It’s time for a diet! Certainly… It’s time, it’s time to pull myself up and achieve this, how to say it… well… 90-60-90.

I was fatty starting from the youth. My mom call it “heredity”, my husband calls me “my brioche cookie”, interested men  – “honey bunch”, the best friend – “hippopotamus”. And you have idea how many diets I have tried and how many additives I’ve taken. My weight-scales always show 92 kg and remain still as bewitched ones!  When  I make shopping in a woman’s store my reaction is

“Oh… what a lovely pair of jeans, mini- skirts, everything is for skinny girls and I can buy only bags.”

 Well, I had  to learn sewing, to become a designer for myself for do not wrap myself up in colorless shapeless garments at 30! Oh, that weight! It’s my enemy! It does not give me rest. Happy Claire! I saw her yesterday, on the way to the pool. Slim! I ask her:


And she told me:

“Doctor Wondermaker has prescribed me special gymnastics!”.

I invited her to a cafe to get to know more details. I ordered a cup of tea with an éclair for me  (I will start keeping a diet tomorrow, no one else serves this kind of éclairs!), and Claire took out a piece of paper from her pocket and began to compare something with menu. Well, here I completely lost my mind! Gymnastics and diet from Dr. Wondermaker stucked in my head very firmly. So I did not see what my friend had ordered, snatched out the card of the doctor and run away, to make appointment with the doctor.

So I did and was waiting for a visit on pins and needles. I asked my husband to take me on a fishing trip because of impatience to kill the time during the weekend. Time, however, flied  very fast. When our men were fishing, my children and I were running after butterflies like crazy down the meadow. Then we ate barbecue with an appetite (tomorrow is diet) and hitted the hay rubble in the tents. Well… actually the children hitted the hay. And my husband and I suddenly felt a romantic mood… Well, you know…
Tomorrow, finally, it was my turn. Dr. Wondermaker was a nice old man in a pince-nez (I wonder how I managed to recollect this word, because I last I saw this  pince-nez in an old movie!)

“Come on, come in, my dear! What are you complaining for, how can serve Your Grace?”
“My weight makes me worried! ” – I blurted out.
“ Why does it disturb you so much?”
“I’m only 30 years old, and my weigh is 92 pounds! My friend Claire is your patient. She has lost 8 kg! I want the same result as well!
“Well… as soon as the weight is bothering… we will treat it… ” murmured the doctor, bending under the table.
When he appeared above the table, there were scales in his hands. Ordinary scales. He took out three envelopes from a drawer and handed them to me.

“In the morning post It on the scales a sticker from the yellow envelope, after lunch post it from the green one, after dinner form the blue one, to weigh 3 times per day.
“But what about diets and exercises?
“Young lady, I’ve already explained you everything. You complain, I heal, everyone does his own job.

I was afraid to anger the strange doctor, grabbed the envelopes and rushed back home to try.

It was time about the lunch, I pulled out from the green envelope merry little sticker with the word “Diet”. With some surprise I put him on the scales, and went to warm his famous soup with meatballs. In the evening I took out of the blue envelope the sticker that was called “weight loss”, and stick it on the scales, and I didn’t even wonder when my friend Marina came to visit me with my favorite wine and a pack of “Inspiration” candies. So I quickly jumped on the scales, noted that the arrow clung to number 92 deadly, and ran to the kitchen. In the morning the sticker named “Fitness”  fell out of the yellow envelope… A week had passed this way. I honestly put the stickers, honestly observed the hugs of the pointer and the number 92, and frankly speaking was angry. Next Monday I visited  doctor Wondermaker again.
“Doctor! I am following all your instructions, but do not notice any effect!
“What do you say??? Mmmm, it’s strange, maybe we should try juice therapy? ” – the old man murmured, taking from his pocket the orange envelope.
“What? Again stickers? “I said scornfully.

“Of course, I hope you are not going to water the scales with juice! It is not hygienic and not humanely to an innocent machine, it can get rusted.”
“Doctor, what do you do? Are you kidding me? ” – I hissed through clenched teeth, as an alarmed snake.
“No, absolutely not, my dear! I even had no this intention. Think again. You complained on your growing weight, and I am healing according to  the symptoms.”
“But why did you prescribe Claire the diet and gymnastics in the pool, and for me are these stupid stickers???”

“Well, let’s see the case. So, so… Claire S. Complaints on the heaviness during  movement, high blood pressure, diabetes. You, my dear, are suffering of something like this?”
“No, “- I said. “ I run like an automaton, the pressure as a cosmonaut, analysis’ results are normal.”
“Why should I prescribe you exercises and diet? Your friend suffers from dyspnea during movement, I advised her easy exercises to restore mobility and strengthening of the respiratory system, the high pressure we treat with swimming, because in water, as in free fall, the pressure can’t be felt.”
“And diet?”

“Oh! This is my know-how! I cure diabetes by the diet of the favorite dishes of the patient. But your friend does not love herself so much, that she has completely forgotten what she liked to eat in her childhood. We had to contact her mother and made a list of Cheer-up Dishes.”
“So, it means that you can’t help me?”
“Well, why, my dear lady? Please, here are some more stickers for clothes called “size 42”, put them on your clothes, this is one named “Scales of Self-satisfaction” – they always show  50 kg…”
“Stop, stop, but how can it all change my body?”
“Thank God, no way! And why we should change such a wonderful body? The body which rushes to work and back,  follows butterflies, dances rock-n-roll, enjoys  chocolate and relishes the intimacy with the beloved one! Even do not think about it, my dear, don’t think!!!”

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