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Posted by admin on March 3, 2014

 courtThe courtroom was crowded. The accused was rather a teenager than a child with the mane of blond hair, big grey eyes, that probably can be teasing and curious, but today looked more like the eyes of a little cornered animal. He wore banal teenager’s  jeans and a t-shirt. He sat there, having huddled himself up in a corner of a fenced bench, confusedly looking around in search of support or at least a pair of kind eyes.

The prosecutors were:
School. It accused George in low motivation and total neglect to the main word values of knowledge (mathematics, physics and chemistry).
The Committee of friends’ parents accused in the harmful influence on children, inveiglement in dubious frauds, lie.
The society of distant relatives – in the disparity to the ideal and did not justify expectations.

The first accusation speech was on the behalf of the Prosecution representative of the school. The Lady in a grey English suit, with a high hair and small eyes behind horn-rimmed spectacles was convincing:
“This child undermines the very foundation of the educational system. He disregards all the values, does not respect the concept of Knowledge itself. He misses the classes of mathematics, does not do home tasks of physics, he argues with his teachers. What crying shame! The teachers are the people who have dedicated their lives to a noble aim – education! He has the audacity to contest their opinion! For example, at the lesson of mathematics he said that,” – with these words she took the notebook from her folder, flicked it through with great importance, and read, – “The cosine theorem has no practical usage. Its study can be interesting only from the point of view of the of logical thinking development, and only to a limited number of people with a technical mind”. I demand a complex solution to the existing problems. The student must know that not everything he will get away with! Any of his misdeeds at school will be immediately told to his parents and he will be punished. He should be afraid of something. We must show the student, who is the master of situation!”

The next one was the father of a friend.
” Some time ago my son told us that George lied often. I understand that the children have reach imagination, but the lie is a serious problem. I do not want to offend someone, but something should be done. For example, yesterday, George said to my son that he understood the language of animals. My son said  that it was impossible, because the animals don’t speak. But the boy continued insisting, approving various ridiculous statements on telepathy. My son was incredibly upset. It’s not about morbid fantasies of the child. The fact is that my son does not consider it possible to go on being friends with a liar! It hurts to lose a friend. All the children at school suffer from his constant lying. But there is among them lots of weak children, whom George is simply dangerous to! He fascinates them with his stories, give them ridiculous ideas about the freedom of the human will, of self-improvement. Don’t forget that we’re talking about children, who should be totally focused on their homework and the implementation of the requirements of the school charter!
Then an elderly woman came at the rostrum. She was the great aunt on the part of his mother.

“All our big and friendly family deeply outraged with the scornful attitude of George to family values! Our family is famous for its wide representation in all the fields of science. There are academicians, professors and deans among us. To continue our family traditions  is a sacred duty of every young member of the family. But, in fact, to my deep regret, it is not so! My heart is broken when I see George’s diary. Of course, we love him anyway. We’re the family in the end, we love each other not for marks, but he must care for our opinion. We are older, wiser then him, we have laid the basis, which the young generation relies on its path. And we have the right to expect some gratitude and attention of our children. No, of course, we did all these things not for gratitude sake, but all the same one can’t be so ungrateful person. George, before his birth, was assured a place on several and the most prestigious faculties of further mathematics. We would like that boy to have a free choice, that he was not tied to one university.

The speeches of Prosecution representatives of the caused a rumble of approval in the overcrowded hall. The judge frowned, and looked at George more and more gloomy.
On behalf of the Defense there was only one person. A young woman, passing by George, threw the sheet of paper to his knees. The security rushed to take it away, but before they to snatch the note from the hands of the Accused, he had time to read the words written in large, rounded letters:


George beamed with joy. He squared his shoulders, and looked hopefully at the Protectress.
“You can refuse to protect the Accused, ” said the judge.
“Honorable court! Of course, I will defend my son! But I have nothing to answer after these serious accusations. I want you to understand that even if my kid in front of me in a cruel and cynical form would have wiped Pythagoras theorem, proven by the teacher, off the blackboard, I still would have defended him!”

“That’s awful! ”  – the crowd cried out!
“Your Honor, I object! ” – the teacher of mathematics started coughing. “It is cruel!”
“The protest is accepted. Mother, have you come here to keep covering this one… ” – he searched for the right word, and not finding finished. – “Kid?”
“Oh, you still didn’t understand, what I come for? Well, let’s see! Yes, I have come to defend and protect my son. And, dear court, I want us to find an agreement, and for this sake I want to tell you about him! Yes, George does not like math and physics as well. He loves animals. No, not zoology, not veterinary medicine, but animals. In our house there live two cats, a dog, a turtle, hamster, one rabbit who is called Snow White. These animals were not bought in a shop, and not found at the pet market. They came to our house from outside, from veterinary clinics, friends, who after had played enough with a little creature, were ready to throw it away. On Sundays George works in a shelter for animals. Sometimes he comes to school being sleepy, because in the night he is engaged in creating his own site, that he uses to find new good masters for the abandoned animals. I want to read you one of his announcement from his website: «Look, maybe you’re lonely? May be, the morning seems to be gloomy and unfriendly? And only a shoe rack meets only after work? I want you to know. I am lonely too! It is so sad, when there is nobody to lick in the nose in the morning, nobody to rush to meet in the evening with a left slipper in the teeth…. Let’s be friends? Your dog». This announcement George wrote the same day, when the teacher in literature gave him a D for his composition on Storm, for the fact that he, describing the character of Catherine, put the quote from The Dog’s heart which is “…brothers slaughterers, why did you do it me?”.

He really understands the language of animals, and they tell him things that are not written in the textbooks.
I beg a pardon in front of the honorable family for the wrong upbringing of my son. It’s not his fault. It was me who made him thinking that HE IS NOT OBLIGED TO MAKE TRUE THE DREAMS OF THE OTHER PEOPLE IN HIS LIFE.
But all this is not important. I came here for don’t justify my son. I came to take him home. The boy has nothing to do in this cage. His friends are waiting for at home.”

 And with these words she held out her hands to her son. The security menacingly went toward them, but the judge stopped them with the gesture.
“Tell me, George…. And that dog, well, that one from the announcement… no one had taken it? ” – he said, and suddenly everyone saw that the old judge had  very sad eyes of a lonely person.

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