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1231667_430493997059627_1330893386_nRecLife is abbreviated Recover of Life. This is the practice of revival on 4 levels of existence. The process of revival is called RecLifing. Conventionally, our personal space can be divided into 4 floors.

 First floor – a floor of physical existence, the physical body, its health, appearance and movement.
This is just as everything is about the material world: money, house, food, clothing, etc. Damage on this level  leads to disease and suffering, problems, breakdowns in the house, accidents, personal injury. These failures do not occur on their own, they “descend” from the second floor – the emotional level, if it is not corrected there.

On this second floor lives the emotions, the feelings. This floor is responsible for blocking some areas of memory. Also, the emotional level problems do not come from the outside, but only from the third floor- the mental level, home of intelligence, memory, mental attitudes, concepts of morality and ethics. Breakdown on the mental level occur because damage of free flow of energy between it and the fourth floor of our being – spirituality. That level is responsible for communication with Heaven. Downward flow of negative influences is called “destructive program”.  The positive influence develops the same ways, and is called “constructive program”. RecLifing is a gradual process of liberation from destructive programs and their replacement constructive programs. The work is proceeding simultaneously on all four levels. We start with a “spring cleaning” of the personal space, which is to clean the body, removing long-standing emotional blocks, release from negatively stained memories and attitudes, restore energy flow between the mind and the soul and the soul and the Creator. After, we learn to maintain the cleanliness and health of each floor. When a person, by practicing RecLife, leads his personal space to Peace and Love, he can become a RecLifing Master and to help others to revival. For this, he studies RecLifing methods, laws of the life programs building at the deepest level, as well as special healing techniques – RecLife in Touch and OrTahor (Clear Light) – a special method of the energy correction based on a connection to his own channel of Energy Light, Love and Healing.

Your RecLifing session

As I wrote and said RecLifing is the recovery of the   love’s
flow, which comes down from the Creator, through our soul to the lower levels – the level of the mind, feelings, and physical body.  For to be able to fix the damage on the different levels of our individuality, which cut off the passage of this energy, we must first determine the location of the blocks. That would not be an easy task, if a RecLifing Master uses verbal information

from the patient only. This information is distorted by emotional and mental blocks; it is usually formed in the dark places of the mind. For the diagnosis of the problems we have special tools. For example, psycho-physical mirror. This is a reflection of the spiritual and emotional processes occured throughout the life on the body and on the form of th  face, habitual postures and gestures. Also speech is an element of psycho-physical mirror. Familiar phrases, sayings, tone
of voice, sound of the voice. With knowledge and experience in the identification of psycho-physical mirrors, RecLifing Master already at the first meeting, and even on some photos (of course, that is much more complicated) is able to determine the major trauma of the childhood, physical problems,  the life program, and what the reasons are. Verbal information received from patient adds confirmation and correction of the information, and understanding of emotional color of memories and attitudes. Thus, during the session, we reach to the trigger mechanism of the life program. Typically, the primary trigger occurs in childhood, and it is supported and confirmed by new situations and reactions throughout life.

I always compare the inner world with the palace. A Great palace with lots of rooms. Memories, thoughts, attitudes, events live in the each room. The more closed rooms in the palace, the darker to live there. In order to make her palace bright and cheery, we have to open all the
doors and to release prisoners there without guilt, fear, resentment, or pain to light
their flow of love and understanding. Each open room adds a light in the palace. But to do it alone is difficult and scary. Reclifing Master helps a person to open the doors in the past. He, being involved, but still an outside observer, stands armed with a “torch of love.” He supports his patient at the time of the meeting with his old pain, helps to understand its reason, and to consider it from the point of view of love and acceptance. When most (or all) rooms open, and the palace is illuminated, the patient is able to continue treatment on their own. He receives advice on cleaning all four levels of personality (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), and the tools to start a new, healing program. This work continues 3 weeks, during which the Master continues to support his patient at a distance using energy flow Or Tahore (Clear Light), which, in essence, is a stream of Light and Love. During 3 weeks of cleaning, a variety of crisis situations can occur. That has to be seen as a positive, healing effect. Release from fear is often accompanied by the release of kidney stones, letting go of past grievances – diarrhea and vomiting, the release of negative mental attitudes – headache. Powerful auxiliary tools at this period is healing music and healing parable or fairy tale. Reclifing Master writes himself or transfers the energy model of the session (not the specific situation!) to composer and / or writer, and then the patient receives audio or verbally encoded talisman, that ideal according to him personally, coinciding with his vibrations. So the flow of the Light of Love is restored. The soul begins to transfer to the mind and feelings the true information freely. Person becomes able to make the right, optimal solutions, he responds to all events with positivity, his physical body becomes healthy and strong, a good job comes to him, money, loyal friends, joyful events. The results of real RecLifing session were appearance of a child in the childless family, release of kidney stones, the settlement of the “family curse”, recover of good relations in the family whose members did not speak for many years, recover from long-term migraine, the settlement of many hopeless bureaucratic situations and more. Prior to your appointment for RecLifing Master consultation, prepare some of your photos, full length, and at least one, with your face in clear view. Describe your problem, your attitude to it, and what was done to fix it before. Answer the following questionnaire.

1. You grew up in an intact family? If not, with whom You have lived as a child and why?

2. How many children were in the home, what is Your place?

3. What was Your mom’s occupation?

4. What was Your dad’s occupation?

5. What can you tell us about Your relationship with your father?

6. What can you tell us about Your relationship with your mother?

7. What five words would You use to describe your mother?

8. What five words would You use to describe your father?

9. Who was the most important person to You as a child?

10. If this is not Your parents, what five words would you use to describe this man?

11. What 3 situations do you find most difficult in your life?

12. What three qualities in people irritate or disappoint You the most?

13. Which literary character would You associate yourself with?

14. What are the 10 words would You describe your current situation.

After payment of two hour session (minimum time required) *, please send all the information to e-mail:, or skype: reclife4, let us know what time of the session you prefer (include time zone), and your skype name. RecLifing Master will contact you as soon as possible.

* cost of one hour session is 50$

Pay for Your RecLifing session

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