Healing stories

Nechama Milson – physician, author of the healing parables, the creator of revival practice RecLifing . “Journey through the I – Worlds” – the first book of the series “RecLifing School.”

Nechama’s parables , quietly touching all levels of perception, cancel destructive life program and start a new one – healing. As the “Mira” – parable that written for a woman with severe back pain:

“… A sick Young Man told him that even if he had dared to violate the decret, he can not fly, because he’s disabled. And then, his new friend did the impossible. He flew up over heads of guards, that already surrounded the house, and rushed to look for the soul of his friend. When he tried to return, the guards point a weapon toward him. He flew above the house, and, shouted his last greeting to Young Man, went to the island, where his family was waiting. But his friend heard his words.
– You’re sick, because you don’t fly! … ‘

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