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Posted by admin on January 17, 2013

hyperchildIt’is generally accepted to consider ADHD as a medical / pedagogical problem, which needs to be corrected / treated. This treatment is represents by three components: the normalization of the family situation, psycho-correction, and the drug treatment. Medications which are uses to treat ADHD are mainly related to a group of stimulants, as additional therapies are uses sedatives, antidepressants and antianxiety medications.

 The result of this treatment (if any results are achieving (60%)) – “zeroing personality.  The child becomes convenient to use in school, he has opportunity to focus on the subjects prescribed to concentrate, but miss his own personality and talent. Unlikely, this child will become a professor (and if he will, it means, initially he was destined to be a Nobel laureate), but he will finish a school like everyone else. A child, who cured from his hyperactivity, will never becames the super avant-garde artist or the creator of the new trend of music, the inventor of cancer cure.

I want to present my personal opinion, based on the careful studying of the theory and work with children and adolescents, attitudes toward ADHD, as a non-existent problem. The problem is certainly exists, it’s not in our children, but it’s in our misunderstanding of their individuality because the global educational system intended to the average intellect person.

According to my opinion, children diagnosed ADHD are extraordinary, talented, highly spiritual, brilliant kids – potential geniuses.

Some of them, very small percentage, are lucky. For some reason (family tradition, wise neighbor, the request of the child), parents are discovers (guess) the direction of his talent. For example: to give the child a violin. And… grows a great musician. But, unfortunately, the probability of “getting to the point ” incredibly small. Most potential geniuses don’t get ” his violin” …Parents force them to solve the arithmetic tasks, and lament about the absolute lack of mathematical ability.

Attention Deficit

The known fact, that children with “attention deficit” may hold their attention on the thing, that they are interested in for hours. Even not so an interesting task, can attract them, when it comes to competition, playful way, the design tasks in the form of the project. It is also known (no offense to other teachers be said) that children can concentrate a long time on the lesson of his favorite teacher. If you ask them about the reason, they will answer you: “He’s interesting tells, he understands me, he knows what I need.”


No one of parents does not dreaming about sluggish, sedentary child … Where is passing the golden mean between a healthy, active child and hyperactivity, scourge of the modern teacher? What’s the difference? In my opinion, physically non healthy child becomes an hyperactive one . Activity -is signs of biochemical, electrolyte, water, protein balance. Hyperactivity, this is the unbalanced activity.


The most beautiful and talented things in the world created by momentum, impulse, a flash of inspiration. The soul communicates with us through the subconscious. Only the idea arose by the impulse, the first association, which came without thinking, are related to the soul. Next one – is the product of the brain. But the product of the brain work naturally based on the society ideas, has no clean substantial originality. The child, who screamed an answer before he heard the question? What is it? Break of discipline or the flight of association? To stop him, or listen to the shout of genius soul?

Well, I hope that my basic idea is clear enough. There is not necessary “to cure” our children or correct their behavior. But learn to live side by side with our superman, to communicate with them, and understand them, viewing the world by their eyes. We must learn to let them growth up, to be proud by them, enjoying by the parent’s happiness with our happy children. Didn’t you hear in my sentence the words “education” and “studying”? That’s right! They weren’t there! Because the best we can do for them, is to stop educate them. Of course, they need our help. They appeared in this world, at the time the world is not ready to accept and understand them. They are standing before necessity to learn how to interact with this world. We can help them to do it. We can help them to understand us. We express our ideas verbally, but not telepathically as many of them do. We know some about many things, we hold an illusion of reality. These children adapt to the life, learn to combine the verge of parallel worlds – their future world and ours actual one. They adapt to our manner of transmission and receive of information, and they don’t lose their individuality and their super abilities. It is possible, if they have support, understanding and from cleaver parents. At the same time, we are incredibly enriching our inner world, learn from them more variety of interactive opportunities, understand the world in his depth, we get new colors, sounds, ideas….

I refuse to call our children “hyperactive” categorically. I have another, more suitable definition for them – Great Potential Children.

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