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The doctor who cured scales. ©Nehama Milson

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appetite(1)What a life! I absolutely have no time for myself. Everything is on the run: way to work is on the run(not in my nature to wait for a bus), way back home is on the run, then shopping, after take one child from kindergarten, take another child to training. In the evening I go to a dance school. Yes, time is running out, but I don’t want to quit dancing, I’ve been engaged in dancing starting from my childhood, that’s my biggest joy. I met my husband at dance school. At first he refused to be my partner, because I’m fat. And then he was begging on his knees… to marry him, because I had already had another partner for dancing. All is on the run, I have no time for myself at all! And it’s high time to lose weight! It’s time for a diet! Certainly… It’s time, it’s time to pull myself up and achieve this, how to say it… well… 90-60-90. (more…)


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aliceAlice was a good woman. She was kind, not stupid and hard-working. Of course, everything could happen…  Break downs, nerves, you know… She could fly off the handle or to bawl out. Our heroine has arrived just after one of these break downs. I want to keep her name in secret because essentially she was absolutely nothing to blame for. Essentially.. So let’s call her Essence. (more…)