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aliceAlice was a good woman. She was kind, not stupid and hard-working. Of course, everything could happen…  Break downs, nerves, you know… She could fly off the handle or to bawl out. Our heroine has arrived just after one of these break downs. I want to keep her name in secret because essentially she was absolutely nothing to blame for. Essentially.. So let’s call her Essence.

Our Essence was of high quality,  massive, severe. You would admire it! It settled down on the 4th floor, that is also called Spiritual Spheres, and it started giving signals to Alice.  Normally it palmed off bad news, tortured Alice with doubts, staged accidental meetings and blocked the entrance to the Sky.  Poor Alice’s soul was shouting at the top of its voice, asking for a mercy, but Alice didn’t hear a thing. She was discussing bad news with great interest, crossly passed by significant meetings, was regretting about lost sense of life and stopped looking up at the star sky at all.

The Essence was forced to come down to the 3d floor, Mental Sphere. There was even more spacious here. The Soul didn’t bother Essence at all with its cry ad scream and It found no problems with Mind, which appeared to be very manageable and cute. The Mind was so trustful that it believed in everything it was said. Here we go! Our Essence built a fabulous construction consisted of proper worthlessness, world animosity and parents guilt in Alice’s troubles. The windows of this structure were fitted with grey glasses of distrust. The walls were papered with the pictures of the past, which were corrected in Photoshop and corrected backward. Alice started thinking hardly on the subjects set by The Essence and made expected conclusions. Her parents, school and first husband were officially blamed in her misfortunes. Guilty persons should be punished. The Essence kept eyes on the ball and suggested ways how to do it. What can be the worst punishment for parents? It is a new divorce of their daughter. Moreover Alice decided to revenge her tutors who didn’t appraise future genius and failed a working project. As a result she lost her job. Pastry and cakes were Alice’s best consolation which she consumed in the  hours of  chattering about her first and the second (by that time already ex)  husbands. Her new life motto was “Let them cry who didn’t get me! Let them die who didn’t want me!” The motto was established with regained 15 kg.  The Essence had nothing to do on this floor. The victory was absolute!

The second floor was Kingdom of Emotions. There she didn’t have to fight at all. The emotional  condition of the third floor paved the way for bloodless occupation. Depression had materialized easily,  in artistic manner, The Essence started being proud of herself.  Of course, it put the Essence some troubles. To make depression It had to come up to carry some sad memories, then to put disappointed hopes beatted on hurts. The Essence sealed all the paths to the past with this dough to prevent Alice from coming back to her past to heal old wounds. Everything was made for the mistress sake! She didn’t need painful memories and bitter truth. Here is a tun of tears and if there is any necessity we will supply you with new portion. Tears are very helpful in washing of your ruined life.  There is a box of Grief to sugar-cover loneliness. Lack of money would be healed with Fear and unemployment with Anger. Please do not forget to put into your bag some pills of Hurt when you go to your parents. They can be very useful!

The Essence examined her creation, wiped its forehead and smiled proudly. It found absolutely unresisting object, very amenable!

It happened so that the Essence found lots of difficulties on the first floor! If you think that it was easy thing to do, think again!  Our poor Essence was making up and down, up and down. First of all it had to come up to the second floor to bring some Fear and put one part into the heart, another part was used to cover spine cord. Hurt filled stomach, and liver was penetrated with anger. Then it carried failed hopes from the third floor and winded them over the waist. In the end it poured some Anger into pancreas. Without any doubts it was hard work! But it worse the results! Obesity, hypertension, gastritis, diabetes mellitus! We should give credit to Alice: in her turn she wasn’t lazy! She kept away money and a new car with her distrust to world. She put disgust with  her destiny under the doorstep to block the path for Love. Her company did is best too. Their Essences were balls of fire! They convinced Alice that her obesity would lead to heart attack and forced her to take antidepressants. Well done! The Essence has become mature and stout. There was no need to make up down the floors anymore because its property was controlled automatically.  Sometimes the cries of Soul broke through the fourth floor but thanks to Depression it happened few and far between.

Bad things happen accidentally! Alice old friend appeared out of nowhere! How did it happen? The Essence surrounded Alice with the same type of unlucky creatures. This One had arrived from out of nowhere, from faraway school years, essentially independent! How terrible! Her face was shining, she was dressed in a yellow garment,  like a chick, her eyes were laughing, her walk was lolloping. Who on Earth walk like this?! She could talk hours. Our good girl Alice tried to scare her away appealing to busyness but it didn’t help! She made a dead set at Alice. She brought Alice a disk. The Essence and Alice hided it so far away that it was impossible to find, try as you might! Our restless one gave these disks to all friends. There were interested ones among them. Here we go! Reclifing! Reclifing! Who may need it? We are completely well!

Every cloud has silver lining! Reclifing swept away the Essence from the first floor. Then walked over the liver, bowel, bronchus  as a shining broom. It cleaned out blood with the herbs  which are poisoned for Grief and Hurt.

It took Alice by the hand and led through all the corners of her memory, splashed with Forgiveness at sealed doors, broke them open, releasing Hurt and Fear. Reclifing put Love instead. Poor Depression decayed and gone. There was no need to come up to the third floor. Love carried them in its  arms. The light of Love spread everywhere. Now Alice could see the past through the prism of Love: parents’ guilt turned into parents’ care, non-recognition into admiration. The worst of all was the situation with her ex-husbands.. Reclifing made Alice to drink with them a bottle of Forgiving elixir, and they went to faraway lands with their new happy families. Moreover Alice backed them some buns for a long trip.

Finally Alice heard the Call. It was her Soul who finally managed to reach her. Alice didn’t wait for her companion and flied up into the fourth floor. She had no use for borrowed wings anymore and she used her owns. There she started crying embracing her Soul after long time no see. Her pure and bright tears washed the path to the Sky. At that moment the Soul started singing. It was wonderful song, ancient as a Woman and healing as Love. There were  no words in this song, but anyway it was a Prayer. There was all that Alice had lost and regained. There was Love to Universe, Gratitude to its Creator, Happiness to be alive, Trustfulness to her Destiny and Love, Love, Love, Love… There was standing the Essence, enlightened and happy. It was crying and singing either. It was crying because it had to let Alice go and singing because of Happiness that filled the Essence, blessing it with Forgiveness.

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