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The star

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nezemnaya lubovOnce upon a time there was born a little bright star in the sky. Do you know how usually stars come into the world? It is absolutely doesn’t matter who were their parents. Simply when a new star arises it flares up immediately. From the very origination starts are absolutely independent. They are born with all the skills which are necessary for stars’ life. There is no need for them to attend stars’ kindergarten to learn how to gleam  and doesn’t exist any special stars’ school that teaches how to keep in the sky. (more…)

The doctor who cured scales. ©Nehama Milson

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appetite(1)What a life! I absolutely have no time for myself. Everything is on the run: way to work is on the run(not in my nature to wait for a bus), way back home is on the run, then shopping, after take one child from kindergarten, take another child to training. In the evening I go to a dance school. Yes, time is running out, but I don’t want to quit dancing, I’ve been engaged in dancing starting from my childhood, that’s my biggest joy. I met my husband at dance school. At first he refused to be my partner, because I’m fat. And then he was begging on his knees… to marry him, because I had already had another partner for dancing. All is on the run, I have no time for myself at all! And it’s high time to lose weight! It’s time for a diet! Certainly… It’s time, it’s time to pull myself up and achieve this, how to say it… well… 90-60-90. (more…)