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14 thanks to apple.

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  1. Apples are high in fiber, including pectin. This makes apples (eaten with peel) indispensable remedy for constipation,  for cleaning the intestines, for remove toxins from the body. A sufficient amount of fiber in the diet is the prevention of colon cancer.
  2. Pectin binds cholesterol and accelerates its excretion. Furthermore pectin reduces lipid levels in the liver and activate its enzymes. Eating one apple a day lowers cholesterol by more than 25%, and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke by 30%
  3. Due to the high content of potassium and low in sodium, apples have a slight diuretic effect, relieve swelling, reduce blood pressure, and, thus, reduce the load on the heart. (more…)

Your great potential child

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hyperchildIt’is generally accepted to consider ADHD as a medical / pedagogical problem, which needs to be corrected / treated. This treatment is represents by three components: the normalization of the family situation, psycho-correction, and the drug treatment. Medications which are uses to treat ADHD are mainly related to a group of stimulants, as additional therapies are uses sedatives, antidepressants and antianxiety medications.

 The result of this treatment (if any results are achieving (60%)) – “zeroing personality. (more…)

How healthy is your spine backbone?

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spinal1. Touch your backbone. The procedure is:
• painful   –   2
• a slightly painful   –  1
• painless  –   0
2. Touch your trapeziums  muscles.  They areThere is
• strained    –   2
• a slightly strained  –   1
• relaxed   –   0
3. From a standing position, try to touch the floor with the tips of your fingers. This exercise is
• easy     –   0
• hard   –   2
• causes  pain in the spine    backbone    –   3 (more…)

Great batteries for a superhero

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I live with a crazy rate of our crazy time. It’s amazing how much i must to have time for such a short day. Besides, my children, thank God, have an energy medium-sized nuclear power plants, and I have to be as energic as they. I think I wouldn’t have coped without the additional “Battery.” […]

Bergamot oil for rest, health and beauty

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How is it possible to raise children without the aromatic oils? I have not had any bergamot oil for the last month. How tired I am! Finally, I received my parcel with oil!!! I was so glad, and  anointed ears of my “gentle tsunamis” immediately.   This was at 13:00, now 16:15, they are asleep yet! Oh my […]